CartoDB adds MapBox Streets out of the Box

MapBox Streets, and Nokia Maps now come out of the box with CartoDB 2.0.

CartoDB has added MapBox Streets out of the box, putting their base maps front and center, in addition to Google and Nokia maps as an additional option for location aware applications developers.

CartoDB maps are based on two layers, the data layer, and the base map. CartoDB produces the data layer and lets you choose a third party base map. CartoDB 1.0 only allowed Google Maps out of the box base layer, however, in 2.0 CartoDB's base maps now comes from MapBox, Google and Nokia.

Creating excellent base maps is highly capital intensive process, from data acquisition to technological delivery. Google, by providing a free basemap shifted the market to exclude most competitors, however, after switching to a paid service, initiatives such as OpenStreetMap are catching up in the amount of data available, and providers such as MapBox are making beautiful maps available.

CartoDB has always supported the FOSS (Free / Open Source Software) movement and considering that OpenStreetMap data is open, as is the software running MapBox, the inergation seemed natural from the onset.

At the same time, the unabridged customizability that is allowed by MapBox blends well with CartoDB's philosophy to make stunning visualizations and beautiful maps, and now, users are able to use open source libraries such as leaflet with little worry.

What about pricing?
With Google's move to charge for maps, the pricing structure of CartoDB has likewise had to change. Users who use the CartoDB dahsboard for their visualizations will not accrue any additional charges, however, the use of embeds and APIs with CartoDB is now subject to 20,000 map views after which users will have to supply their own tiles or use their own Google or other provider accounts.

Base maps are an important element in many data visualizations. They help put data in context. CartoDB's addition MapBox and Nokia Maps signals a shift towards alternative technologies. We're all very excited to see the beautiful maps that will be created using these new map tiles.

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