HERE and CartoDB partner to visualize 24hrs of life in cities

Data from HERE and technology from CartoDB lead to new visualizations featuring the traffic and movement of people from five global cities.

HERE and CartoDB work together to visualize how cities come to life. Using data continuously collected by HERE through connected devices such as smartphones and cars, users can see how movement changes over 24 hours in five major cities: London, Chicago, Rome, Helsinki and Mumbai. This visualization makes use of a new geo-temporal technology for visualizing dynamic data, developed by CartoDB.

More than half of the world populations lives in urban areas. Cities are growing steadily and by 2050 6.4 billion people will live in a city. Already today, a large portion of city populations carry some sort of connected device, like mobile phones, GPS devices or tablets. The data generated can be used to better understand and plan how cities work, with the goal of making smarter cities in our future.

HERE and CartoDB announce the release of a new visualization called Living Cities. It analyzes and visualizes transit information, dynamic demographic information such as language usage in neighborhoods, points of interest, and bold facts. The result is a fresh visualization, showcasing a normal day in London, Chicago, Rome, Helsinki and Mumbai. Users can view how a city changes through different times of the day and learn various facts about the city, neighborhoods, places, and people. The visualization allows users control and interact with the map and sharing facts in social networks.

The data behind the visualization is continuously collected by HERE through connected devices. This data is then anonymized and aggregated so that HERE can see how traffic is flowing (or not) in the city. With that data, HERE creates up-to-date maps that are used online and on millions of devices. If a road is closed or if a new road has opened, for example, HERE can quickly make changes so that its maps are fresh and accurate.

„This project is a more playful take on our data assets, showing how cities ‘breathe’“, says Nicolas Neubauer, senior data scientist at HERE. “Behind the scenes, this data is used to improve users’ experience in numerous ways, for example to improve routing recommendations and ETA estimates. Fleet companies can better plan delivery routes and people can figure out the best time to get to work to beat the rush.”

The visualization was built by CartoDB using their cloud infrastructure. It makes use of HTML5 technology to animate geospatial data sets over time. Data is aggregated by HERE and hosted on CartoDB to be used in the visualization. It makes use of some of new technologies that will become available in CartoDB 2.1 and is a good example on how big data and visualization can provide insight into our cities.

Javier de la Torre, co-founder and CEO at CartoDB stated: “Partnering with HERE to visualize the massive amounts of data they collect about cities allows us to push our technology forward. It is a great example of the powerful visualizations that our platform can accomplish."

About HERE and Nokia
HERE, a Nokia business, is offering the first location cloud that delivers people the world's best maps and location experiences across more screens and operating systems unified under the HERE brand. To learn more about HERE, visit

About CartoDB
CartoDB is an open source cloud-powered spatial database, mapping, analysis and visualization engine that facilitates the creation of spatial applications for both web and mobile devices; the platform is currently used by major news organizations, research institutions, non-profits and geospatial application developers and is a product of Vizzuality, a data analysis and visualization consulting company based in NYC and Madrid.

"Partnering with HERE to visualize the massive amounts of data they collect about cities allows us to push our technology forward. It is a great example of the powerful visualizations that our platform can accomplish" Javier de la Torre
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