Geo-temporal animated maps at your fingertips with the power of the new CartoDB, the WordPress of maps

Animated maps with a click. CartoDB, the web based mapping platform democratizes mapping with its new release

The latest CartoDB release allows anyone to create geo-temporal maps directly from their browser. To make this possible, the CartoDB team has been quietly perfecting a new technology over the past few months. CartoDB is already being used by the UN, US National Park Service, Twitter, The Guardian and the World Resources Institute.

CartoDB is revolutionizing the way people create maps and share geospatial data on the web. For the past year and a half, CartoDB has been allowing its users to visualize data, publish maps, and create interactive visualizations on the web. Now, the map service is creating a whole new field of online mapping with animated geo-temporal maps built with only the click of a button. Up until today, this type of mapping was only for the experts but now, not even coding is required.

The new CartoDB is being launched at Strata Conference, London where big data experts from around the world discuss the latest innovations. At Strata, CartoDB shares the stage with the world’s leading data companies, some of whom have already tested the new geo-temporal animated maps. Early versions of the CartoDB technology have been used by scientists to monitor deforestation, by business to help visualize traffic patterns, and by Twitter to share tweets during the NBA finals and during the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

The new animated map technology combined with legends, synced tables, and easy integration with other services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, is allowing CartoDB to quickly becoming the go-to tool to create maps on the web. The platform is helping people move away from complex and expensive desktop tools and into an intuitive web-based application, reducing the steep learning curve that has historically stood in the way of putting geospatial data on the web

"Everything happens somewhere, at a certain time, and that is what the new version of CartoDB is about. With today’s release we are empowering people with no coding skills and letting them to create geo-temporal maps with a simple click. " Sergio Álvarez - Co Founder and Lead Designer of CartoDB
"CartoDB is exactly what web mapping is going to be in a few years time. These guys are well ahead." Manuel Timita - Founder of Illustreets
"When visualizing data in a map you can discover very interesting patterns and insights that you cannot grasp by looking just at charts and tables. However, many companies and organisations didn’t have the technical skills to visualize their data into maps. The new version of CartoDB enables them to visualize their data across time and space without writing any code." Ernesto Jimenez - Hacker
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