How can an online mapping tool help us better understand climate change?

CartoDB responds to White House call to action by creating new grant program to help climate change focused nonprofits.

In June 2013, the President of the United States announced the Climate Data Initiative, an effort to leverage data to help the American people understand and prepare for climate change. The initiative is aimed at advancing environmental science, preparedness, and education through the use of open data. In response to the President's call to action, CartoDB, one of the internet's leading mapping tools, has created a Climate Grants program to enable nonprofits working on climate change related topics. The Climate Grants program will give between $50 and $3500 to successful applicants in order to help them work toward improved understanding of climate change.

Today in Washington DC, CartoDB announced its new Climate Grants program to give away between $50 and $3,500 to organizations working on climate change issues. Grants will be given to the most exciting and promising proposals that seek to help improve our understanding or education of climate change. Vizzuality, the company behind CartoDB, made the announcement today from Washington DC where they took part in the White House’s launch of the Climate Data Initiative.

Vizzuality has a long history of working on environment and climate related issues, having built a name in the world of data visualization, scientific data communication, and online interaction before launching CartoDB. The company lent their hand in the development of such projects as The Policy Climate Interactive, Global Forest Watch, and Protected Planet while working to improve data communication through mapping and data visualization online. Through their experiences working on such projects, Vizzuality realized that people needed an easier tool to create beautiful interactive maps online. Through CartoDB, the companies attempt at serving that need, Vizzuality hopes to turn more organizations into data communication experts, specifically through online mapping.

The CartoDB Climate Grants program will support foundations and nonprofits trying to create data-driven tools or efforts with respect to helping communities, companies, or citizens with resilience and preparedness for climate change impacts such as flooding, drought, and heat waves. Through the new Climate Grants webpage, the company will solicit grant applications and offer between $50 and $3500 for successful applications. Projects will have a year to spend the money on CartoDB infrastructure in order to improve their geo-applications, data visualization, or data sharing projects.

The new grant program is one of many projects launched in coordination with the White House initiative. You can read more about them over at and

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"We are proud to offer this exciting new program. We built CartoDB to help share stories that matter and we feel these grants will help get more foundations and nonprofits telling those stories. " Andrew Hill, Senior Scientist, CartoDB
"Beautiful data visualization is often a critical but challenging step for those creating or communicating data online. Through CartoDB Climate Grants we hope that we help more people do it effectively. " Sergio, Lead Designer, CartoDB
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